Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two Sides of the Same Coin

The foundation upon which Earth First Construction was founded is a statement which reads: “We will not change current reality by applying bandaid solutions or by fighting the existing system. In order for things to change, we must build a new system that makes the old one obsolete.

The Earth First Construction webbook lays out the plan and a possible execution to achieve just this. There is the description of a new world which would work for all life and also the instructions for how to get there. In my own life I follow those instructions faithfully. I take impeccable care of my own body and now, for the past year and a half my focus has been on turning my property, "Earth First Farm", into an urban organic self-sustainable farm. We are at the point of finalizing the first step of our vision, which is to become independent in terms of water, energy and food. We intend to have the ground ready to begin planting this spring, having upgraded our greywater system. We have located water for a well, are at the point of installing the solar and building the blackwater system. Our vision is to do this as a community project, to be a showcase of sustainability to inspire and assist others to become more resourceful as well.

The webbook ends with another quote: “Expending energy trying to fix the existing system is like seeking to help the caterpillar while the butterfly is trying to be born.” What I now realize is that the butterfly is well on its way to birth. The current caterpillar system is totally dysfunctional. What is required is to assist that caterpillar into its obsolescence. This is what we are intending to do by standing up to the big six banks.

My intention is to chronicle the work we are doing on a weekly basis to assist the butterfly (build Earth First Farm) while simultaneously documenting the steps we are taking to enable the caterpillar (existing financial and political system) to meet its demise.

I am continuing with my work of creating Earth First Farm, even as this foreclosure action looms over my head. This property is my business and my life.